For the 2021-2022 school year

Registration & Tuition

**Class placement is at the discretion of the instructors. Placement is based on age and experience, but above all, the ability to cope with the steps in that level. If you are you a new student please contact the school to determine your class placement. If you are a returning student and did not receive your class placement in the mail please contact the school.

dancers in a line
Dancing is a form of discipline, and as such, all students should be properly groomed and attired.
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Enrollment requirements for SHSD

  • Registration/Insurance Fee $65
  • Registration form
  • Review Important policies below
  • class placement is at the discrection of the instructors

Tuituion & Fees:

Class Length Monthly Payments Annual Tuition
1/2 hour class
1 class per week $115 $1,150
2 classes per week $180 $1800
3 classes per week $265 $2650
3/4 hour class
1 class per week $120 $1,200
2 classes per week $195 $1950
3 classes per week $285 $2,850
one hour or longer classes
1 classes per week $130 $1300
2 classes per week $215 $2,150
3 classes per week $295 $2,950
4 classes per week $380 $3,800
5 classes per week $445 $4,450
6 classes per week $515 $5,150
up to 12 classes per week per family $535 $5,350
Additional Fees: (private lessons are available by appointment)
Drop in rate for any length class $30
Private lessons $40 per 1/2 hour lesson
Semi-private lesson for 2 students $30 per 1/2 hour per student/lesson
Group private lesson for 3 to 4 students $30 per 3/4 hour per student/lesson
Important Policies
Attendance - No refunds for missed classes. Missed classes can be made up within the month
Late Arrivals - Students more than 10 min late may be asked to observe class.
Dance attire - Appropriate dance attire required for all classes. (see Class Levels for dance attire)
Grooming - Hair should be secured away from the face in a ballet bun, short hair should be held back with a headband or clips.

SHSD - P.O.BOX 370651, MONTARA, CA 94037 - 650-728-7519

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