Montara Gardens Studios

The Susan Hayward School of Dancing is located in Montara’s own historical landmark- the Montara Grammar School, built in 1915. The building faces sixth street, at the corner of LeConte. However the main entrance is through the parking lot located in the rear of the building - between Sixth and Seventh Streets.

Within the beautiful mission-revival style building are three spacious dance studios. The upstairs studio - Studio 1 features ballet barres, mirrors and a special “marley” type dance floor. Located on the lower lever are the restrooms and the “Mirror Room” - Studio 2 which features a special floor for tap. Also on the lower lever is The Auditorium - Studio 3 - which is the largest studio. It features hardwood floors, ballet barres, and a view of the beautiful lower garden. The auditorium also has its own stage, where performances are given.

The entire building is privately owned by Ms. Hayward, and it is also her home. The building and beautiful surrounding gardens are maintained by Ms. Hayward and her partner, Larry Fosnot.

studio 1 studio 2 studio 3

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