Mission Statement

The mission of our school is to bring the highest quality of dance instruction to the Coastside community.  Our teachers are qualified by the Royal Academy of Dance, London   We also believe that the creative, musical and performance aspect of dance is important and we nurture our students to express themselves.  We create quality performances big and small for the community to share our love of dance with others.

In our school we foster manners, respect, self-discipline and a sense of our “dancing family”. We work together as staff with students and parents to promote a positive environment for the dancers to learn.

Through their years with us, we hope our students learn not only to love the arts but also to strive -- wherever life takes them.  Our students have gone on to be professional dancers, teachers, lawyers, nurses, business executives and many other wonderful careers. What thrills us is that our students still visit, they remember their dancing with you and even bring their children to meet with us!

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